Landscape Architecture
Landscape Planting Plans
Entry Monument Plans and Designs
Entrance Feature Designs
Detailed Grading Design and Enhancement
Landscape Costing
Streetscape Design
Irrigation Design
Construction Services
Contract and Bid Negotiation
Constructability Review
Project Budgeting and Cost Analysis
Construction Scheduling
Construction Staking
Construction Guidance
Construction Observation
Construction Management
Assistance with Municipal Acceptance
Total Site Coordination
Sustainable Solutions
Eco-System Management
•Prairie Restoration and Management
•Endangered Species Consultation
•Flora and Fauna Surveys
•Water Quality Sampling and Monitoring
Renewable Energy
•Wind Energy
•Solar Energy
LEED Design
Community Outreach

Civil and Sanitary Engineering Design
Project Investigations, Reports and Feasibility Studies
Cost Analysis
Preliminary and Final Engineering
Earthwork and Site Grading
Drainage and Flood Control
Stormwater Detention and Collection
Sewage Collection and Treatment
Water Supply, Storage and Distribution
Erosion Control
Freeways, Arterial Collector and Local Street Design
Urban, Suburban and Rural Street Design
Intersection Geometry and Roundabout Design
Traffic Studies and Signal Design
Roadway and Parking Lot Lighting
Parking Areas
Bicycle and Multi-Use Pathway Design
Railway Design
Railroad Facility and Grade Crossing Engineering
Intermodal and Transload Facility Design
Small Dams and Bridges
Construction and Project Management
Water Resources Engineering
Watershed Drainage
Master Watershed Planning
Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling
Stormwater Infrastructure Design
Stormwater Master Planning
FEMA Flood Insurance Studies
Dam Break Modeling and Breach Zone Mapping
Aquifer Characterization/Water Supply Studies
Erosion and Sediment Control
Geomorphic Characterization and Stream Restoration
Wetland Delineations
Wetland Creation, Enhancement and Restoration
USACE Nationwide and Individual Permitting
Wetland Mitigation Plans and Monitoring
Irrigation Design
NEPA Documentation
GIS Services
DNR Permit Assistance
Water & Wastewater Engineering
Facility Planning
Water Production, Treatment and Distribution Design
Sanitary Collection and Treatment System Design
Reclaimed Wastewater Irrigation Design and Permitting
Contract Operations and Management
Spray Irrigation
Pre-Treatment Program Setup
Permitting and Ordinance Compliance
Bio-Solid Management and Planning
Rate Evaluation and Recommendations
Loan Acquisition Assistance
Grant Package Preparation and Release
Safety Planning and Implementation
Agency Compliance Issue Negotiation
Corrosion Protective Coating Consultation
Construction and Project Management and Oversight