DuPage County, Illinois - Prepared plans and specifications for storm drainage facilities to provide an adequate outlet for several subdivisions subject to flooding.

DuPage County, Illinois - Prepared plans and specifications for major highway design.

Lakes Region Sanitary District, Illinois - Prepared preliminary engineering studies and   final plans and specifications for a local sewer system with construction costs of $6,000,000. The District encompasses 14 square miles and serves a population of approximately 7500 persons.

Village of Fox Lake, Illinois - Prepared MFT program, FAUS project, grant applications and Master Plan updates, Zoning Map preparation, water distribution system improvements, curb, gutter and roadway improvements, commuter parking facilities, sanitary sewer improvements, and iron removal facilities.

Cities of Waukegan, North Chicago, Woodstock and DuPage County - Conducted Sanitary Sewer System Evaluations and prepared plans and specifications for sewer system rehabilitations.

Naperville Township Highway Department - Prepared a pavement maintenance management system utilizing the APWA-COE PAVER program.

Village of Palatine, Wayne and York Township Highway Departments - conducted pavement evaluations utilizing the APWA-COE PAVER program.Type your paragraph here.

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