Asset Management

Our Team of asset management specialists, engineers, planners and GIS experts have developed GIS/Asset Management Programs for communities throughout northern Illinois. Our technical proficiency and industry knowledge is expressed through thoughtful assessment of our client’s needs followed by detailed analyses and the deployment of our proven systems.

  • Pavement Management Programs
  • Sign Inventory & MUTCD Compliance
  • ADA Compliance
  • Stormwater System Mapping
  • Scanning & Retrieval Systems
  • Cemetery Mapping
  • Web-based Applications
  • Capital Improvement Planning

Each municipality, public works, and utility has the responsibility to provide sustainable services to their citizens while maintaining their assets in a cost effective manner. Organizations currently using  Esri® ArcGIS® are well on the way to developing an effective Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) program. Morris Engineering, Inc, (MEI) delivers a sensible and cost-effective GIS-centric Asset Management Solution (AMS) useful as a critical part of the overall EAM plan. MEI provides a complete foundation for a truly effective EAM program that will improve asset utilization, extending asset life and performance while reducing capital costs and asset-related operating costs.

Asset management programs can be defined as managing infrastructure capital assets to minimize the total cost of owning, operating, and maintaining assets at acceptable levels of service. Enterprise Asset Management encompasses the entire organization and recognizes the interdependencies of maintenance, operations, asset performance, personnel productivity, life cycle costs, and capital planning. The first step in any EAM plan is for an organization to conduct a needs assessment to understand what is needed to accomplish their asset management goals. In the past, many organizations managed their activities by capital and operating expenditures found in their accounting systems. However, municipalities, public works, and utilities are a capital “asset” intensive business, so they are “asset-centric” by definition because assets are central to their business purpose. One of the first tasks for any EAM plan is an inventory of existing assets with the creation of an asset registry and a commitment to maintain that asset registry. The asset registry is core to any EAM plan or strategy.