MORRIS ENGINEERING, INC. (MEI) is a progressive Consulting Engineering firm, which specializes in addressing problems unique to the implementation of urban service systems. Since 1973, our firm has provided clients throughout Northern Illinois and neighboring states with up-to-date and cost-effective solutions to the wide range of engineering and environmental challenges posed by our region's continuing growth.

MEI combines a computer-intensive problem solving orientation, with a commitment to maintaining a level of client contact that is both professional and personable. It is our responsiveness to each project's particular requirements that engenders a true spirit of cooperation with all of our clients, and makes real innovation possible.

MEI is experienced in the analysis and evaluation of the environmental impacts of urban life-support systems; the planning and design of municipal facilities including street, storm drainage and underground improvements; and the design of facilities required for the treatment and disposal of the liquid, solid, and gaseous residuals resulting from urban activities.

Our clientele consists of both governmental agencies and private organizations. Our 75%/25% split of public/private work enables MEI to fully meet the needs of both design aspects.

MEI has an excellent track record of providing our clients unique solutions to various problems on a limited budget. As each client operates their business differently, MEI takes the time to tailor its services to their individual needs and procedures.

MEI provides land surveying services, and specializes in the establishment and determination of legal property lines and boundaries in connection with the purchase and/or development of land tracts for purposes of present or future construction.

This type of survey work is usually required by attorneys representing sellers and purchasers, title companies and frequently architectural firms, engineering firms and developers who would need the survey in connection with the design and construction of improvements on said tract of land.

MEI is experienced in providing American Land Title Association (ALTA) and American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM) land surveys.

Our focus is on residential, commercial and industrial surveys for governmental agencies, attorneys, realtors, developers and home owners.

We also provide Plat of Surveys for real estate closings.  We provide quick, professional service for all your survey needs.  You can order a survey on-line, the fastest, easiest way to order a survey in the northeastern Illinois area.